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DigiTerra Explorer v6 - Advanced


How to...

Table of contents:

01Use classification tool in DigiTerra Explorer v6 Advanced

What you can see in this video:

  1. Create new map project
  2. Set up the data table for data recording
  3. Create code lists
  4. Collect data
  5. Use classification tool for creating thematic maps
  6. Save map project

Tools you need: dtToolNew  dtToolNewLayer  dtToolArea  dtLayerClass  dtToolSave 

02Use Navigate to Target tool in DigiTerra Explorer Advanced

What you can see in this video:

  1. Use navigate to target by tapping the screen
  2. Navigate by existing coordinates
  3. Navigate by MGRS coordinates
  4. Navigate by a coordinate list in a TXT file

Tools you need: dtToolTarget  dtToolAdd  dtLayerSource 

03Use the same symbols in Google Earth as in DigiTerra Explorer?

What you can see in this video:

The symbols used in DigiTerra Explorer can be exported to KML and displayed in Google Earth.

  1. Save your map with symbols in KML file format.
  2. Open the KML file in Google Earth.
  3. The same symbols will be displayed at the same place!
  4. This can be done with a different set of symbols as well.

Tools you need: dtToolOpen  dtToolSave 

04Taking photos in DigiTerra Explorer?

What you can see in this video:

You can take a photo for every record in DigiTerra Explorer using a PDA.

  1. Create a New Layer.
  2. Create a New Data Field in the layer. Select Document for the field type.
  3. Start the GPS survey.
  4. Fill out the fields of the new record, and click on the rectangle beside Photo.
  5. Start the Digital Camera and take a photo with your PDA.

Tools you need: dtToolNewLayer  dtToolGps 

05RAW data logging on Ashtech MobileMapper 100 and 10 with DigiTerra Explorer 6

What you can see in this video:

DigiTerra Explorer 6 Advanced software application. With the new GPSDifferential module for MobileMapper 10 under 50 cm and for MobileMapper 100 1-30 cm accuracy is easy to achieve, even where real-time corrections are not available. The GPSDifferential module for MobileMapper 10 and for MobileMapper 100 is a software option that has been integrated into the new version of DigiTerra Explorer 6 Advanced to provide sub-meter performance for DigiTerra Explorer users working with these devices.

This video tutorial guides you on the basic settings.

  1. Open the Settings/GPS tab
  2. Tick the RAW file checkbox
  3. Enter the previously purchased GPSDifferential code in the MM6 activation key text box, then press OK.
  4. All raw data can be found on the SD Card/GNSS Raw Data folder
  5. Use the Ashtech MobileMapperOffice v2.1 for post-processing the captured RAW data

06Use default values in attribute fields in DigiTerra Explorer

What you can see in this video:

How to use default values in attribute fields in DigiTerra Explorer. There are many opportunites in DigiTerra Explorer to customize your data capturing on the field. In this tutorial you can find several solutions to find the easiest way to accelerate your work.

  1. Create a new empty layer
  2. Customize your attribute table
  3. Applying the default values for the created fields
  4. Data capturing

Tools you need: dtToolNewLayer  dtToolArea 

07Print with DigiTerra Explorer Advanced

What you can see in this video:

In this short video we can see, what kind of settings and tools can we use for customizing our printed maps. E.g. How is it possible to place the Nord direction mark onto our printings or where can we place legends.

Tools you need: dtToolOpen  dtToolPrint